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Welcome!  I’m Philip Calvert - a marketing consultant, LinkedIn specialist and global professional speaker living south of London in the UK.  

I've been speaking on marketing and networking for forty years, both in the corporate world and in my own capacity.  

Back in 2001 my job was made redundant and I decided to go out on my own.  After my initial excitement at running my own business, I very quickly discovered that finding regular new clients was hard work - and costly!

But one evening I was introduced to a website called Ecademy, and everything changed.  Turns out that Ecademy was the world's first B2B networking platform, and I was hooked.  Social Networking was born...

A couple of years later a new player on the Social Networking scene came along.  And that newbie's name was LinkedIn...

I've been using LinkedIn since the beginning, and I've learnt a lot along the way.  I've learnt how to find the connections I really want, and I've developed proven connection scripts that I still use to this day.  In fact 83% of my speaking business comes from LinkedIn alone.

I've also learnt that LinkedIn has a multitude of hidden features - and I've had people tell me that they attracted high value new clients the very first time they used my LinkedIn networking strategies and scripts.

If you're like me, you're also looking for regular new clients and valuable new connections.  And if you're a recruiter or HR professional, you'll probably want to know the inside scoop on how to make LinkedIn work better for you.

So I created this very special community for people just like you.  LinkedIn members who want faster results from LinkedIn and with less effort.

When you join this unique and high-quality networking group, you'll connect with other people just like you; you can share your own LinkedIn experiences, get answers to your questions and see a measurable and dramatic improvement in your experience of LinkedIn.

Thanks in advance...


Philip Calvert
Founder of LinkedIn Marketing Secrets

PS  And did I tell you that you can do all of this without paying for LinkedIn premium membership?  Join us today to learn more...


  • Connect and build relationships with people just like you... 
  • Experience a safe and friendly gathering space to meet people who share your interests, who have respect for each other and who care about making an impact in their clients’ lives
  • Experience exclusive conversations around LinkedIn & marketing you can’t find anywhere else
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to use LinkedIn effectively
  • Swap stories, experiences, successes and ideas around our shared mission of making progress on LinkedIn and with our wider marketing efforts
  • Get answers to questions that don't have easy answers (when Google lets you down)
  • Shared values - the group is about help, support, collaboration and encouragement
  • Find inspiration form people just like you every day - without algorithms telling you what to see...


  • FREE members-only training sessions
  • FREE LinkedIn Connection Roadmap
  • FREE PDF copy of the LinkedIn Cheat Sheet 
  • Become a LinkedIn Marketing Secrets insider with an advanced look at what's coming.  Weigh in on important content decisions
  • No ads or cat videos! Just an intuitive private member group, entirely focused on giving you the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with people just like you
  • Book Club - we choose an inspiring sales, marketing or business development book to read together and talk about it afterwards
  • Mobile app to network on the go
  • Monthly themes - each month we take a core LinkedIn marketing theme and break it down into weekly content
  • Referrals from your peers and find opportunities for collaboration
  • Clarity - Conversations are clear and easy to find, so that it's easier to know what you should be doing right now to make progress in your business
  • More clients!  You'll learn proven marketing techniques to attract more of the clients and connections you really want


People like you have joined us because LinkedIn Marketing Secrets has a culture of Progress.  

We exist to help you make that progress effortlessly and easily, so that you get the results you want more quickly - and we celebrate your progress!  

Wherever you are in your business, everyone has something to contribute and learn in a private, premium quality membership group where you feel safe and valued.

Whether you're just getting started on LinkedIn and want to learn more, or a seasoned LinkedIn road warrior - we're here to share experiences and ideas that give you support and clarity


Our goal is clear and simple:  

To give you clarity through shared experiences, and to help you make positive forward progress in your use of LinkedIn.  

All this value on similar membership platforms across a variety of industries is valued at up to $1,500 per month.

Join us FREE today!

Our guarantee is that you will meet and connect with people like you.  You'll feel welcome, comfortable and inspired - and that our shared experiences will help you to get where you want to be. 

If all we did was to give you clarity on exactly what you should be doing next to make more of your ideal connections on LinkedIn, would that be worth it?

And if all this did was to help you feel less overwhelmed and distracted from making progress on LinkedIn, would that be worth it?

Join today!

Everyone who joins LinkedIn Marketing Secrets agrees to:

Collaborate not compete
Give before they get
Be open-minded to new - and old ideas!
Think long-term
Not spam, harass or troll
Make a positive dent in the world
Have fun along the way!

Got a question before you join us?  

Send an email directly to Philip at [email protected]

Philip Calvert is an independent marketing speaker and consultant.  This site is not affiliated to LinkedIn.

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